Futurefaces award submission

advertising, concept, graphic, illustration, poster, print, prototype

Seat & desk study

art, concept

I caught a star

art, concept

Tropical Event Facebook Header

graphic, illustration, social, web

Lumerians Poster

Dimension travelling psychedelic druids.

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print


art, collage, concept, graphic, illustration

Tropical Skull Artwork

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print

Projection A

For almost 2 years we have occupied one of the WW2 anti air towers in vienna as an artists collective.

art, concept

SUB Poster

illustration, poster, print

I adore Neon


Relax Area Concept

Vienna – above the “Wienfluß” – 2001


Tension Steel Sculpture

before my industrial design studies I was employed for 4 years as a metalworker and electronics technician, in a huge workshop. One of my masterpieces.

art, concept, real

Black Space Riders

advertising, CI, graphic, illustration, poster, print, social

World Trade Center reconstruction draft


Poster Holy Wave

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print

Fruitwave – glass fruit bowl

art, real

Bahlsen niche site

advertising, app, art direction, campaign, CI, concept, copywriting, developing, full service, illustration, POS, senior design, social, styleguide, virtual, web

Futurefaces poster draft of my son

From some years ago, he will soon be 17! cant believe.

KML Ads Neon Rendering

3D, art direction

Questionaire – National Elections Day Videloop

shown the whole night before every austrian national election on OKTOTV


Thats me #selfie

Planet of the Apes NL Flyer

flyer, graphic, illustration

Poster Föllakzoid

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print

End of City Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Ripley Poster

Generative processing of each letter size with minimum and maximum size.

poster, print, virtual

My first digital camera

is still writing 17 photos to a floppy disc.

optic, photography,

SUB vs Forelle Viral

graphic, illustration, social, web

myWatch design draft 2010

I designed the “myWatch” during the first rumors about the apple iwatch in 2010 and realized ideas for useful apps like wayfinder, recorder, ingress-helper, water-level and many more. Display resolution 1024 x 768 px.

Interior design for an insurance company

One of my favourite projects with an almost impossible task: To accommodate three different rooms in a 39m2 space with regard to the needs of customers, employees and their children. Solved by a sliding wall.

3D, concept, real, shop, styleguide

Unreall 99 Level Designs

during my industrial design study at the university of applied arts in vienna.

Beethoven Re:sound Ad

art direction, campaign, graphic

Unzine Mag Surface Draft

My favorite page project, a magazine about things you normally don’t see.

concept, copywriting, graphic, illustration, web

My beloved Seiko


Poster Otto von Schirach 2018

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Dealight Film Loop 15min

(at minus 15 Degrees Celsius) Submission for the month of photography vienna.

Esbjerg Design Draft

art direction, concept, web

Innovation price design draft – ironic

3D, art, graphic, illustration

Mill for Satanists – Game

concept, graphic, tshirt

Phone Vector Mockup Free Download

illustration, print, virtual, web

Tip & Cash Successful Pitch Design

art direction, campaign, CI, copywriting, graphic, illustration, prototype, senior design, styleguide, web

Test City Experiment

3D, graphic, illustration

Pacou Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Aluminium Case Design Draft


Medicine Boy Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Fintech App Store

advertising, app, art direction, campaign, CI, developing, full service, POS, senior design, styleguide, virtual, web

Optics by BonGo

In my spare time i indulge in music and make my contribution by providing the right look with old slide projectors. Hiding behind my artist name BonGo. If you are interested in my music search youtube for ERGREIST.

art, concept, graphic, illustration, optic

Planet of the Apes DDR Flyer

art direction, flyer, graphic, illustration, print

Sportstraders Pitch Design

art direction, CI, concept, copywriting, graphic, illustration, senior design, social, styleguide, virtual, web


art, photography

Rock den Advent Glossy Mag Page

graphic, photography, print,

Re: Flyer

flyer, graphic, illustration, print

Ecstatic Vision

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Melt Dunes Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print,

Billa Social Campaign

art direction, graphic, illustration, senior design, shop, social, web

Cortez Bar Website

copywriting, css, developing, html, web

Sabine Kunzmann Portfolio Site

I like to fade with her sense for type. Check out the great compositions by AD Sabine Kunzmann: sabinekunzmann.at

css, developing, html, web


My friend and former colleague CD Alfred. Take a look at the great work done on an original Heidelberg press. www.atelierwerkstatt.at

cms, css, developing, html

Papercraft Village

graphic, illustration, print

Golf federation website

Another big fucking effort. Every golfer in austria has to login at this over-all website and can request statistics, scores, reservations and leadership tables. I decided to deliver a modular construction kit. A big focus was on advertising placement. WordPress/Bootstrap/jquery framework with styleguide and prototyping.

advertising, art direction, cms, concept, copywriting, css, developing, full service, graphic, html, illustration, print, senior design, shop, social, styleguide, web

SHHH! Poster

art direction, CI, full service, graphic, illustration, poster, print

Baumax Webshop

200.000 products, based on a java shop software, 180 pages of specification, 3 months for design – and still this extremely big company went bankrupt. In this project i learned that a combination of concept, text, advertising and UI/UX are most important.

advertising, app, art direction, campaign, concept, copywriting, graphic, illustration, POS, senior design, shop, social, styleguide, web

Otto von Schirach Poster

art direction, graphic, illustration, poster, print

Dazed and Confused Logo

art direction, full service, illustration, print, tshirt,

Steakmaster App

advertising, app, art direction, concept, copywriting, graphic, illustration, senior design, virtual

Rolande Garros Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Electric Eye Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Spring Break Sub Graz 2011 Flyer

flyer, graphic, illustration, print, sticker, tshirt

Carnevale Filmfestival Website

art direction, campaign, CI, cms, concept, copywriting, css, developing, flyer, folder, full service, graphic, html, illustration, poster, print, social, web

Spring Break Graz Flyer

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print, sticker, tshirt

Poisoned Tree

collage, illustration, print,

Tropical Poster

graphic, illustration, poster, print

Jukebox Poster

flyer, graphic, illustration, poster, print


poster, print,

Monster Zoku Onsomb Flyer

flyer, graphic, illustration

Turbo Lenz

art direction, css, full service, graphic, html, illustration, web,


advertising, art direction, campaign, CI, folder, full service, graphic, illustration, print, real, rendering,

Gelbe Liste Ordering Form

art direction, CI, css, full service, html, illustration, print, shop, virtual, web,

Josef Kleinsdienst

cms, css, developing, html, senior design, web,


art direction, html, photography, web,

NB Portfolio

art direction, css, developing, html, web,

Trust Industries

Morph Flyer

art direction, campaign, CI, concept, graphic, poster, print

8 years of pharma advertising

Started in print but quickly changed to digital and internet – online and offline apps, websites, cms and cmr’s, videos, online seminars, videoproduction and many other exciting things. Working as an artdirector i won several awards for my company.

art direction, concept, copywriting, full service, senior design

Agency Site

art direction, cms, css, graphic, html, web

Hi, I am an experienced 42 year old senior designer and art director based in Vienna with a special vocation for digital interfaces and user experience.

During my career i have realized numerous projects, from social media platforms for parents to administrative plugins for large corporations to be used internally. i have learned from the best and truly deserved my art director title in the pharmaceutical advertising industry. in the last few years as a senior designer I have noticed that the concept is the most important and decisive factor in production and design. design – the process – designing a product, an interface, a piece of furniture is always the same for me. understanding, testing and decision making. that is what fulfills me – where i love to put my creative energy.

This is my portfolio – where i only present those things – whose design and concept I’m always happy to see again.

Johann Sifkovits
+43 650 53 69 259