Hello, my name is Jonny.

I am a professional UI/UX designer based in Vienna with passion for color, design and music.

For the love of color

To determine the colors more easily download the PDF and pick your Color with Illustrator.

CMYK Chart PDF Download

Get a Print

A small donation is appreciated, just send me an email. Printed on 115g Affichenpaper 700x500mm.

Please Note

As a designer of event posters I made this chart for my own use and have no commercial intentions. There is no guarantee that the colors are right.

1000+ Colors

CMYK on 115g Affichenpaper. 100 black tones and black overprint examples for fancy shine effects.


Bleeding tests, font sizes from 1pt to 100pt and line thickness examples. Handmade 68cm Ruler.

Some examples of my poster artworks.

See my portfolio


AD Jonny Sifkovits
+43 650 53 69 259